software to clone 1 win 7 pro computer to a win 10 pro computer

mkramer777 used Ask the Experts™
Upgrading win 7 pro to win 10 pro.  Have not cloned before, but is there a software out there that can connect 1 computer to the other and copy ALL files and settings to it?
Not sure if I am even asking that right.
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Robert RComputer Service Technician

There are lots of migration tools out there. windows 10 even has a migration tool you can use
Here is a list of migration tools if you dont want to use the one built into windows 10
Note they are not all free
Note also to transfer files from one pc to another you may need a special cable, or a cross over network cable, unless you back it up to an external drive then connect this drive to the new computer.


Will these migration tools copy all files to the correct folders?  Documents to Documents?  What about programs like Google Earth, Office 365, Adobe Acrobat Pro, that I have purchased.  Will these migrate over with license/reg keys or do I have to do this manually?
Computer Service Technician
Most migration tools will not transfer over the applications installed and will need to be installed manually.
office 365 is accessed through the cloud, and all you need to do to access the office suite is to login with the office 365 credentials, so you do not need to install the office suite. Adobe acrobat Pro can be redownloaded and will need to be reactivated with your purchased license. Google Earth can also be downloaded and reinstalled and if you have a license for the software you can look up the license from your email and activate the software.

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