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IMAP ERROR - Couldn't open stream

Hi Folks,

    I am getting preeeetty frustrated here.  I have a php page in which I need to connect to a email account and pull all the emails. I am using localhost to create this page. (Windows 64 pro - php 5.6.25 - Apache -2.4.23 - WampServer)
The mail server is hosted at HostGator.

The error msg:

Warning: imap_open(): Couldn't open stream {}INBOX in C:\wamp\www\AcademyEmails\mytest.php on line 24


Cannot connect to Gmail:TLS/SSL failure for Invalid token, probably not an SSL server

We are - for testing - using non-ssl setting. And I know the port is correct, the username, password etc is correct.
Below is the line of coding - I starred out the actual server/user/pwd for posting.

$inbox = imap_open('{imap.***.com:143/debug/imap/ssl/novalidate-cert}INBOX','**********','********') or die('Cannot connect:' . imap_last_error());

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Any help apperciated - pretty urgent for me....
thank you
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It appears that you're attempting to use SSL with the imap connection

Try changing :143 to :993 and see how that works for you
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MarthaJ Sayers


Thank you for reponding. Here is what I found out. I need to use 'mail' in my imap_open(blah blah) command instead of imap !!
I can retreive everything except for the body of the message...but we will see...
Do I reward you points etc ?? You took the time to try to help...pls let me know...
Don't worry about it, that's what we're here for :)

If you resolved the question, award yourself the points, This way you save them for when you need them
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MarthaJ Sayers

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thank you again !
Any time