Both \\IP Address and \\computername will display shares but only \\IP Address allows files to be accessed

Fred Marshall
Fred Marshall used Ask the Experts™
Windows 10 Pro workstations (the client and the "fileserver") and Windows Server 2019 domain.

Our new domain arrangement is working out well it seems.
Today, I've seen a couple of cases where the User client can't reach a set of fileshares using the serving workstation NAME even though it can get far enough to see the folders.
Using the IP address allows the folders to be opened.
Permissions are fine obviously.

So, name service appears to be working but file access isn't if name service is relied on to finish the job.
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Enterprise Business Process Architect
These may seem ridiculous but let me ask you some dumb questions:
Have you ensured the name is associated with the IP address by doing a
ping -a iPaddress

Open in new window

If you add an entry to the hosts file on an affected workstation and perform an ipconfig /flushdns and then attempt to access the shares does it work by name?

On the target machine/server are there any errors in the security log?
The problem went away.  No way to know now...
Darrell PorterEnterprise Business Process Architect
Should this happen again, on the affected workstations and server, at an administrative command prompt, type IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS to flush the DNS cache of the devices at either end.

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