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Jonathan Duane
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Hi Guys, we have built this site at the end of every video there is like a white flash that appears for a second and it makes the transition look bad, is there anyway of making it transition much smoother/slicker?
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

If you don't want to fight it, the simple solution is to fade the videos from/to white at beginning and end.  Then when the white flash occurs it won't be noticeable, and the next video will fade in unnoticeably.


can you do that without editing the videos?
David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

This will require doing a full transcode/export on all videos with the white flash.

The other trick you can use will be to run ffmpeg to trim off the last few seconds of your footage.

This only requires a copy operation, rather than transcode, so you preserve your video quality + save time of transcode.

Usually ffmpeg can reach the end of a video to do a trim in a few seconds for every hour of footage duration, so this operation is extremely fast.

Caveat: Doing a trim like this can only trim full frames, so no such thing a partial frame trimming.

If your footage is 1 FPS, trims may look ugly. If your footage is 30+ FPS, then you can usually trim with no user experience change.

Tip: You can also trim only the video component, having all your audio retained. This has the effect of changing your "white flash" to black.
I used a CDN  and cache plugins it seemed to do the trick

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