C++ with a GCC Compiler vs. MS C++.NET

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Hi, I haven't coded much in C++, but have the need to do so for a specific project.  I was wondering if there is a difference (in results) between native C++ using a Text Editor and a GCC compiler and the Microsoft C++.NET development environment?

I need to code a few simple programs that look at a computer hard drive and identify specific traits of that hard drive, like how many sectors it has, its size, etc. (Yes, I know I can do that commercially, but I need to develop the custom tools for a bigger project).

So, which development tool should I use... native C++ with a GCC compiler, or could I use the MS C++.NET version, which is a lot simpler to use...and still get the same results?

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If the product is intended to run under linux, then develop under linux using gcc.  If you ever need help that maximizes the chance that you will be able to find it.

If the product is intended run under Windows, then develop under Windows using Microsoft's tools.  If you ever need help that maximizes the chance that you will be able to find it.


Excellent. Thank you!!!
my suggestion is
use factory to decide os and instantciate accordingly.
Also use standard c++ library to get rid of os and thirdpary library dependency as much as possible.
moreover you can use qt. which is cross platform.you can make target windows or Linux as and when needed easily.
if you have qt license then you can go for it. else u use cmake.
Thank you Subrat. Very informative.

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