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Richard Korts
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I have an HP Envy 5000 Series Printer, HP9DE06E.

It has been gradually degrading, I'm sure it is less than a year old. It now has reached the point of not printing at all.

I'm using Windows 10, wireless connection.

A week ago, it would not print, so I de-installed it & re-installed it, it worked then. Now it won't do that. I tried that today, sent a doc for print, didn't print, removed it from the Queue, tried to print a test page, get this error on the printer screen: Error Code 0XD8077900 KERNEL_EXEC_ST.

Any ideas?

Thank you.
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"Kernel exec stop" suggests to me a severe hardware problem within either the printer's CPU or main memory -- but HP says it's an issue with IPv6 and disabling IPv6 solves the problem.  If so, that's some really poor software with IPv6 coming at us in the next couple of years like a freight train.

My solution would be to use a USB cable and get the network out of the picture.  USB always works and you don't have to fight all of your neighbors' WiFi networks to push data out to the printer.
Richard KortsBusiness Owner / Chief Developer


Ok, good stuff.

I’ll try USB.

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it should still have warranty - so get it repalced
imo - the problems it shows will only get worse in time
Richard KortsBusiness Owner / Chief Developer


I could not find a USB cable, so I just powered the printer down & restarted it.

Works fine now, but I recognize it's a time bomb ticking.

A friend offered me a 6 month old Canon she cannot use because it doesn't work with linux, so I'm going to get that.

Warning to all: Quality of HP products has sadly deteriorated extensively, I will not buy ANY HP product again.

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