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How to create a query to generate a record.

I have a query trying to create a record, but it doesn't work.
another question is, how to set a modified date field.
Please take a look on sample file.
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You need to tell which record you wish to create - in which table and with what data, and if this data are to be input by the user.
Well a simple insert query would look like the following when run from the SQL view in Access
INSERT INTO yourTableName (Field2integer, Field3Text, Field4Date)
Values (1, "test", #11/21/2019#)

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Note that I did not include Field1, which in my case is always an Autonumber and gets created automatically.

if you want to do this from code, you have to make a couple of minor modifications, replacing the quotes with single quotes and wrapping the entire string in quotes, like this:
Dim strSQL as string
strSQL = "INSERT INTO yourTableName (Field2integer, Field3Text, Field4Date) " _
       & "Values (1, 'test', #11/21/2019#)"
Currentdb.Execute strsql, dbfailonerror

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You can also insert NULLs into fields which accept them.
INSERT INTO yourTableName (Field2integer, Field3Text, Field4Date, Field5AllowsNulls)
Values (1, "test", #11/21/2019#, NULL)

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Hiro 714


Thank you! Would you edit my file? I would like to add a record to “test data” table
There are 100 users will select test a or b or c, then input result. I need a result and modified date.
Sorry, don't have time to update the file, did you look at what John gave you?
Again, as we can't read your mind: Add a record with what data, and are these data to be input by the user?