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Cannot convert Physical to Virtual machine

Dear Experts, Can you suggest on this issue? We tried to convert a physical to virtual server using Veeam but got this when booting. I tried both BIOS and EFI option but it did not help?

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OS: Window 2012R2, ESXi 6.5
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Hi Alex, yes I'm doing so and it's running at 30%

Will update soon
Excellent, leave that to do it's think and then check it's imported into Veeam, sometimes these things just happen and trying a different method is better.

For example, I couldn't Vmotion an exchange server from Point A to Point B. It was shut down, all should have worked, it didn't, so I did a V2V migration, that worked fine :-)
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But it stuck at 97% for 10 minutes ...
It can take a while, it could be at a point where there is a lot of data to sync, be patient. :-)

Give it an hour, if it's not done by then, then we can consider checking the logs.
As for your Veeam issue, did you create the recovery media on the Physical Server you need to convert ?
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Yes, after 30 mins it completed and run properly.

@Andrew: Yes, I ran full backup and created a media on that Physical server
Excellent, you now have your server where you want it.

"Patience you must have, my young Padawan."
You may want to spend some time tidying up your P2V!

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it's not just about next, next, next and finish!