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Experts out there, group policy is not my strength and I want your help to troubleshoot the GPO in our environment.
I want to disable User Account Control: Admin approval mode for a service account.
Here is what I did:- Assign the service account to the servers admin group as a member then,
disabled Admin approval mode for all administrators in the security options. That is, this is in the local security policy.
However, the backup software still is complaining that admin approval mode is enabled.
We only have default GPO and another GPO at the OU level.
I ran gpresult /h c:\resulut.html to see whether the default/ou policy overrides the local policy.
Strange, I do not see anything about admin approval mode in the result.html file.
Is there any way I can find whether admin approval mode is enabled in a policy?
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UAC settings are applies at the computer level. So it must be in a GPO that applies to computer objects, and the settings you are talking about impact ALL administrators on any computer in scope of the GPO.

Any services running under the service account would also need to be restarted to pick up the security token changes you've made. Ideally a full server restart would be done as well.

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