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HIROYUKI TAMURA used Ask the Experts™
I would like to learn how to ask a question on Experts Exchange more efficiently for non English native speaker.
I'm often not sure how to describe my question and gives a wrong idea.
it would be nice if I could be more courtesy and gives a good impression
Are there any good tutorial for it?
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David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

EE is a very comfortable environment.

Just ask your question as best you can.

If more information or clarification is required, someone will ask.

Welcome to EE!
AmitIT Architect
Distinguished Expert 2017

A lack of information provides a lack of a decent solution.
A few things that will definitely help you

  • Convert your errors into English using google translate or something
  • Be concise with your question, try not to babble
  • Answer the questions we ask you about your issue as clearly and concisely as possible
  • If you don't understand what we mean, tell us. We cannot help you fix your issue if you don't understand what we need from you or the questions we are asking. We're all very friendly.
  • Screenshots are always a winner, but remember to blur out your sensitive data

As David said, we're all very friendly and relaxed.... Well for the most part anyway (I'm the exception, Rawr!!!)

Lastly, try to have fun fixing the issue. I come here to relax, help people and answer other issues which I may not have otherwise been exposed to. I enjoy helping people as do many, many of other other experts here, so ask away and try to enjoy it.

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Martin NguyenHelpDesk Technician
Distinguished Expert 2018

In addition to the article by Jim Horn that Amit referenced and what Alex and David have said, you can get some general tips from our FAQ page.

Michael HurleyWeb Geek

First off, I'd like to compliment you on the English you are using in this question, Hiroyuki--WELL DONE!  As you can see, everyone is very clear on your intention, and you can feel comfortable approaching your technical questions in the same way =)

I would like to add a couple of tips to the really good info provided here so far:

* When posting your question, select as many approved 'Topics' that you can (providing they relate to your question). Many of our certified Experts have additional high level skills in areas outside of their core expertise (Alex, Amit and David on this thread are all great examples of this), so when you add additional topics relevant to your questions, you will be calling the maximum amount of Experts to your question which will accelerate your solution.

* Mark each and every comment to your questions as 'This Was Helpful' (if it was, of course) and add info as to why or why not.  This will send additional notifications to the Experts, letting them know that more info is available on your question, which can then also accelerate you solution.

* You can reach our Member Experience team via our live Chat during US West Coast business hours (M-F 730 - 430 PST), and we have a translation capability so that we can help you to post an effective question despite any language barrier.

I hope this info is helpful, Hiroyuki!
Thank you for using Experts-Exchange!
E-E, HelpDesk


Thank you, all. I will try to remember all of your advice.
David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

You're welcome!

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