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Josh Rogalski
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Hello everyone,

We are interested in upgrading specific Dell servers in our infrastructure to 10 gig over Ethernet.  The models in question are listed below.  We have a card in mind which was the Intel X540-T2 card, but it isn't listed as being compatible with the R410 servers which we really need it to be.  Does anyone know if it will work?  If not does anyone know of a single card that will work for all the servers listed below?  We don't want to do gbic cards, we want straight 10 gig ethernet and we will use Cat6A cables to connect them.  Any insights are appreciated.  

Server Models:
Poweredge R410              
Poweredge R510              
Poweredge R610              
Poweredge R720xd        
Poweredge R730
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Technical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage
There are not too many servers out there that won't work with an Intel PCIe 10GbE card that I can think of.

The X540-T2 PCIe NIC is an excellent choice. Run with it.
Josh RogalskiNetwork Technician


That is a very good point.  Pretty ubiquitous when it comes to Intel/Dell compatibility.  Thank you much!
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage

Welcome. :)

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