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Refreshing a web page in IE

Does anyone know of a add-on or something that refreshes an IE browser page every 10 minutes or so? I setup a scheduled page that opens in IE and is supposed to refresh every 10 minutes but IE doesn't do it
I found one for Google Chrome but does not work on IE, I need it for IE

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What you're asking for is a browser agnostic (works in all browsers) approach to this.

How you do this varies greatly according to reason for refresh + underlying code.

You might use AJAX or Websockets or HTTP Push.

Suggestion: Alex's answer resolves your current question. Best to open a new question describing your exact project, asking for design suggestions for implementing your project... specifically the refresh portion of your project.

Tip: Using AJAX is the simplest approach. Be sure to use in your project to ensure you only write one version of HTML5 + let Modernizr handle ensuring your code works across all browsers.
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Claude Constantinescu

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