drop cap is cut off AFTER I have copied and pasted word doc into Amazon KDP word template

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Another question about drop cap.  I have written my novel and now I copied and pasted it into an Amazon KDP word template for 5.5 X 8.5 size.  This worked well but I cannot get drop cap to work.  No matter how I format the first letter of a chapter, the drop cap ends up aboe the chapter paragraph, half the letter that is drop capped cut off, or sometimes when I increase the font, below the sentence.  It is very odd. Not sure what the template (or may it is the indent that is set) is doing to the drop case working properly.
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The drop cap is inside a Frame (not a text box). The wrapping for the frame has changed since you inserted the drop cap.

The simplest solution is to delete the dropcap and redo it.

You can also try to correct the text wrapping:
  1. Choose File>Options>Customize Ribbon.
  2. In the right-hand list, check Developer, then OK out.
  3. Move your cursor around the edges of the dropcap until the cursor changes to a 4-headed arrow that point up, down, right and left. Then click. You should see the frame activated.
  4. Double-click on the frame border. The Frame dialog should open.
  5. Probably Text wrapping is set to None. Change it to Around.

That should fix the problem, but there are other setting in the Frame dialog for positioning, you might need to experiment with those to get the drop cap in just the right spot.

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