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I have an HTML5 bootstrap website that has a video as the background on the home page.

The problem is if that I maximize the screen the video remains smaller. It's not responsive.
How can I make it responsive so that the video gets bigger if the screen gets bigger (I know the quality may be impacted but I am OK with that)

Here is my current code:

<video autoplay="autoplay" muted="muted" loop="loop">
<source src="" type="video/mp4">

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I am just using a sample video from the template.
Also, can we modify the code so that it uses a vimeo video instead?
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You can place it into a div that have a 100% width, do not set  video dimension.

or you can add a class for all video
video {
  width: 100%    !important;
  height: auto   !important;

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To have a better result you can use a script

a tutorial


I saw that tutorial,. but I don't see how any of the above would support displaying a vimeo video.


I found this as well ... Ill try this which seems easier, if that doesn't work Ill check your option.
This was the easiest solution. While the options above may work they seemed like they required more components or work. This example includes the stylesheet and the html code to display the vimeo video.

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