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Nec ITX-3370-1W(BK)TEL POE not working with Cisco 3750 POE switch


I have Nec ITX-3370-1W(BK)TEL POE phone and when I attached it to Cisco 3750 POE switch the phone not working while when I attached Nortel 1120E or 1140E they are working.

Any idea to fix the problem?

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How is the Cisco switch configured? You may have to explicitly enable PoE on the specific port you want to use, and possibly the port itself.
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Thank you for your reply, I did not configure anything for POE on the switch. Actually, the POE working fine when I plug in Cisco phone or Nortel 1120E or 1140E.

I'd double check that the LAN port is connected to the switch and not the PC one, to be sure. I know, likely you did that already.

I already checked that

Second, check the logs in the 3750, see if it mentions any POE issues.

I did that.

Possibly verify the cabling end-to-end, make sure all 8 wires are straight wired and working. Some phones can negotiate powering mode with missing wires, others can't.

I did and used the same cable when I connect Nortel 1120E or 1140E and NEC phone.

Any suggestion?

If there's nothing in the logs on the switch, enable POE debugging and see what you get.

If you have an AC adapter for the phone, you could test with that, see if it even links up with the Cisco on its own power.