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Subform visibility


I have a main form (Main_Menu) and 2 sub forms (Main_DLMP and Main_DeptView). In the main menu I have 2 labels that act as menu.  I have click events on both these labels.  I want to make one visible, and the other not visible.  But I struggling with this.  These are the 2 events I have for each of the labels in my main form.

 This is the event on the first label. As default Main_DLMP visibility is set to True and DLMP_DeptView is set to False.
    Forms![Main_Menu]![Main_DLMP].Form.Visible = True
    Forms![Main_Menu]![Main_DeptView].Form.Visible = False

This is the event on the second lablel
    Forms![Main_Menu]![Main_DeptView].Form.Visible = True
    Forms![Main_Menu]![Main_DLMP].Form.Visible = False
I am getting an error on the second label... Cannot set focus.
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Anders Ebro (Microsoft MVP)
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Normally Labels don't need Focus...
What you probably need is that the Labels are unassociated with any controls. To check it just right clicks -->Properties..check if Events are displayed...if its blank ..then the easy way is to make a copy of the Label delete the old Label..rename the New label to match the old name and you should be fine
Also for Visiility
Me.Lbl1.Visible = Not Me.Lbl2.Visible

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Probably i confused Labels with Subforms..
Ok np
On the click event of Labels...
Form_NameOfSubForm1.Visible = Not Form_NameOfSubForm2.Visible

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Joy Gomez


Thank you Anders... worked great!

John... thanks for your continuous support.