Windows 10 and Soundblaster Audigy FX missing 3 of 5 Altec Lansing Speakers

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I just purchased a new custom computer with windows 10 Pro. 64 bit operating system Intel i9,32G Memory.
It has a SoundBlaster Audigy Fx card in it.
I attached it to my older Dell Altex Lansing ADA995 5,1 Lucasfilm THX certified speakers.
I can only hear from the front left/right.
I have updated drivers from the soundblaster site and had Troubleshooter also update.
I have also turned off the AORUS motherboard's Audio.
The plugs are in the correct order, the speakers have worked once during this exploration.
No matter what I have done, the center and two rear speakers do not test with either the Microsoft test for 5.1 or the SoundBlaster Application.

I read somewhere that many years ago there was a digital setting somewhere that helped someone. I don't see it anywhere today.

Does anyone have any ideas?  This is incredibly frustrating....
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If you have purchased a new computer with a non functional sound card, I would suggest speaking to the vendor.
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what ps model is this?
post a screenshot  of the audio settings - showing the selected speaker
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Are you playing from a 5.1 source file?
If you are playing a stereo of 2.1 source file strictly what you are hearing is correct, L & R are mapped to the front speakers and bass to subwoofer.
Windows 5.1 test failing suggests Windows is trying to configure you using Atmos instead of DTS:X
Go through this setup stage-by-stage to check
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nobus - ps?  Here's the scren captures of everything

masq - I'm playing ppandora, web sounds, testing the 5.1 via windows and soundblaster config. the tests show the speaker being tested, but only the front left and front right actually give sounds when the test gets to them.
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sorry - typo; ps should be pc - my bad

>>   but only the front left and front right actually give sounds when the test gets to them.  <<   then i would double check the connections, cables and settings

btw - you can just post the screenshot as is- no need to put it in word doc
how : click the image icon (just left of the ?) in the menu  bar of the message box - or attach it as file


THe cables are fine.
the only speakers that I'm getting are the standard "stereo " speakers even though I have the Soundblaster  selected and the sound blaster dashboard on 5 speakers.
When the SB Dashboard tests sounds, it shows it's sending it the the middle  and rear speakers, but no sound comes out.
I also removed say the woofer cable and if I touch it, there is a sound coming from the woofer. Same for the rear speaker cable
But insert it into the sound card and nothing!

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If you reverse the black and green plugs do you get 2.1 sound with the rear speakers?

Can you reinstall the Audigy drivers and software once more?
And afterwards check the default playback device is the SB
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post also a screenshot of device manager showing the sound card


MASQ - good test. However, when I reversed the cables, the stereo sound did come through the rear speakers. So that means the rear speakers work and the cable is good. I've now replaced them. redid install. updated drivers. no change.

BTW, I did update the NVIDIA HD audio drivers - of course nothing is connected and the Soubdblaster Audigy Fx is default
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Nobus - tried and still failed.

update- I spoke with Creative - after explaining everything I did, they told me to try the following - (I'm presuming last ditch effort):
You may try also to uninstall the driver under "safe mode".
The reason, the software may not be able to shutdown certain services on its own because the software itself was corrupted or some other programs were interfering with the normal functions of the software.
To prevent the interference of third party software, it is logical to restart your computer in safe mode and then try to uninstall program. 
After which, try to reinstall the driver in a clean boot environment.
The steps are available on the below mentioned knowledge base article from
        How to perform a clean boot in Windows

Did all that to no avail. I'm going to get a replacement card and see if that fixes it. If not, does anyone have any sound card recommendations for 5.1 surround with windows 10?
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do you have someone around with a pc on which you can test the card?
maybe the bestsolution is to backup everything, and do a fresh install


nope - no one with a good computer and 5 speaker setup. Going to try the replacement card. Returning the card tonight.
Going to remove card. delete all drivers.
reboot without card.
get new card and insert with new drivers
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ok keep us posted


removed soundblaster drivers and powered off
removed old card.
Inserted new card.
ran drivers from creative web for W10
powered off woofer.
connected cables
powered on woofer
Nope. still only front speakers

I give up folks. If anyone knows of cards that give a 5.1 surround sound with Windows 10, I'm open to suggestions
until then its stereo
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can it be the 2nd and/or 3rd speaker cables do not work?  test them separately on the working plug(should be the green one - n°3in following article :
If you can hear at least the front, then run through the 5.1 tests in Windows, then leaving everything powered on, swap the cables  going into the soundcard around on the card (just the connectors on the sound card, do not change anything else) to swap the front for the rear and vice versa, and then re-run the tests. After swapping the front and rear, swap them back and then swap the front and center/sub.

If you get test sounds out of the front speakers on each test, then it isn't the card, but the amp in the sub that has the problem, at which point I would suggest getting an inexpensive 5.1 AV receiver and connecting to it over HDMI, you could re-use your existing front rear and center speakers just by cutting the connectors off, and use the sub out from the AV receiver to go to the sub (presuming that the sub out is still working).


ok folks. The cables are fine.
Something in the thread from nobus rung a bell to me.
I doubled checked and found the answer:  My Stupidity.
When looking at the diagram, I reversed the inputs in my head. Instead of starting at the bottom of the card, I was starting at the top.
Of course when I plugged the cables into the right plugs, IT ALL WORKED.

Something so simple - sorry to waste everyone's time on this . I did learn alot though and thank you all.
I'm giving the points to nobus since it was eventually an article  mentioned that caused me to see the error my ways as well as the time nobus spent hanging in there.

thank YOU!
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tx for feedback - and enjoy your nice sound

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