Only administrator can access second internal hard drive.

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I am running Linux Mint 19.2 on my desktop. I also installed a second internal hard drive. I want to create a second user account (which I know how to do), but set up the system in such a way so that only the administrator (my account) can access this second hard drive. The second user should only be able to access the hard drive on which Linux is installed. Can anybody tell me how to do this? I need step by step instructions, please.
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One either hard drive you will have some directory (or directories) which you will set as...

chown -R user1:user1 /disk2/dir
chmod 700 /disk2/dir

chown -R user2:user2 /disk1/dir
chmod 700 /disk1/dir

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This way only each user can access these directories.

This seems fairly simple, so my guess is you're asking some other question I'm missing.

Likely best to use real directory + user names, as this might provide additional info to better answer your question.

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