Windows local webserver, no IIS or Windows webserver

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I 'd need a light weight and safe webserver for running on a Windows 10 OS. It only needs to run 1 webpage (http://localhost) which is generated via Powershell on a daily basis.
Windows webserver is much to heavy for this purpose.
Not sure but is NodeJS an option (don't know what it actually does but heard a lot of good stuff about it).

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is NodeJS an option

No, NodeJS is a java script run time environment

Do you even need a webserver?

If the generated document is a basic HTML page, just create a shortcut to the document folder.

Any browser should load the HTML from the document just fine.
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Or iisexpress.
David FavorFractional CTO
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You can always use netcat or a shell like bash. provides details of several light weight variations.
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not quite clear what the point of what it is you are trying to achieve, http://localhost is accessible only locally. what will be accessing this "generated page"?
You could look at apache, but not sure how light you need.
What will the page be? pleain static messages/pages?
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Tinyweb server
Lightweight simple web server

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