Looking for a public API with searchable company names and what the company's website is.

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I'm creating a web app that lists companies and if it has a website. In a form field, I'd like the user to start typing a company name, and have autocomplete provide some company guesses. Once the company is selected by the user, I'd like to then list the website/domainname(s) of that company.
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Perhaps look at these (nb: I have not used either)



This might also help:
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I can see a few issues with this.

1) Business registration varies by nation, and even by subdivision within nations.   For example, within the United States, companies normally register to do business at the state level, and sometimes need registration/permission at the municipal level as well.  Different  companies using the same name can co-exist in the same state, or multiple states.

2) AFAIK, no business registration processes have "website" as a mandatory data point.  I would guess that many don't even include it as an optional data point.  

3) Any type of curated or third-party resource can be contaminated with bad data, purposeful misdirection by bad actors, etc.  Any manual attempt to create this resource will be prone to human error.  

4) Not all companies own their own domain.  I assume you are targeting companies with a web presence already;  will that include companies using a Facebook or Yelp page as their "website"?

Additionally, as shown by some of the previous responses, you're really trying to reinvent a wheel.  More than that, you're reinventing a wheel using the same blueprints as the other, previously designed wheels, and all of them have the same deficiencies.  

What are your actual goals here?

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