Unable to share files on my PC with my Android phone

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I'm trying to share files on my PC with my Android phone.

I've tried going through all the articles I can find on file sharing and home networks but nothing so far has worked.

On my phone I have a file explorer with a "network neighbourhood" option, clicking on that I can see my PC. When I click on the PC I am prompted for username and password which I give, but I then get "connection failed".

I'm on Windows 10. I just have a TP-Link Powerline and regular WiFi to connect my PC.

This is the sort of articile I've been using to set up file sharing on my PC.


Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?
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eridzoneIT Administrator

I have used FileManager+ and have been able to access windows files shares.

do you have a password set for local user, is your machine domain joined?

Your PC and android phone both are connected to same Wifi?
sorry ,  i read your question wrong,

i supposed android connected to pc wheares pc connected to android.

" sync  "app search for it okay
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Thanks for the comments.

I actually have a Microsoft user that I'm using to connect to the PC - I could set up a local user and try that, I've not done so up to now. I guess I could also set up a local user without a password and see if that works. I'm at work at the moment so anything I do will have to wait until this evening.

Yes they are both on the same WiFi.

I typed FileManager+ into my Google Store and nothing matching that name appeared - I just got lots of apps called FileManager - who are the developers of the one you use? I am just using the file manager that came with my phone.

And I am attempting to connect my android phone to my PC via WiFi, not actually the other way around.
Martin NguyenHelpDesk Technician
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Is cloud based sharing through Google Drive/Dropbox/etc not an option here?

On the PC, is the connected network private or public?  Is file sharing turned on?  

Best way to check for access to the PC is from another PC on the network.  If you can reach the PC and the files you want, and if the phone is connected to the same network, then you can eliminate many issues.


I do have cloud sharing and use it - it is just the fact that on my file explorer on my phone it was showing me my PC which made it look like it was possible to access files on my PC - I think it should be possible to configure my PC and phone to make it possible. If I can't do it, it isn't the end of the world I was just curious to see what was needed to set it up as it would be useful.

On the PC I've tried to follow all the instructions on file sharing from pages like this:


So I do have file sharing turned on and under advanced sharing settings I have under private, then under guest or public and all networks I have:
turn on network discovery
turn on file and printer sharing

Incidentally over a friend's house (I was connected to their WiFi) I had a look under network neighbourhood and it just showed their router - when I clicked "connect" it said it had connected ok - no prompt for username or password - but there weren't any files visible.

It is a good idea to see if another PC can access my PC - I'll try and borrow a laptop from work as I've not got any other PCs at home.
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You need to lossen the security level of your Windows PC if you want Android OS to authenicate from your PC.

Do you want to proceed?

If yes, there are at least TWO registry change in Windows 10 OS.


Bear in mind, what you want to do is not the best practice and it is only a workaround and Windows 10 OS is an ongoing updating platform and the workaround will stop to work anytime.

The best practice is to use a USB cable to connect the phone to a Windows PC.


Thanks I hadn't appreciated how bad Windows networking was! It isn't straight-forward is it?! Thanks for all the help.

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