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Cannot log into Citrix server

I recently updated Windows 10 to version 1909. Prior to the update I was able to log into my workplace application that uses Citrix with no issue. Now I can log in via wireless connection on my laptop, but cannot log in on my PC that is connected to my home network via ethernet.

I have tried using the compatibility trouble shooter and even when it tried running the application it fails.

After opening up the application, I enter my user Id, password and security code, and a window comes up where I hit a button to connect. In the past, the receiver pulled down an ICA file and a status bar opened up showing the status of the connection. Instead of it progressing to completion, it now stops with "connection in progress" and goes no further. When it finally times out, I get an error stating Unable to connect to the server, there is no Citrix SSL server at the specified address.

As stated before, I can connect via wireless but not ethernet. I am using the same address, log in, etc., on both laptop and PC.

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Charles Bridges

8/22/2022 - Mon
Sam Jacobs

Your ethernet and wireless connections are on different subnets, and it sounds like your Citrix environment at the office may be mistakenly thinking that your home ethernet connection (probably 192.168.x.x) is local to it's network, and is therefore trying to connect you locally rather than through the gateway (usually a NetScaler).
Have you contacted your office IT department?
Charles Bridges

Why would this happen suddenly? I had been able to log into Citrix using my PC on 11/20, but ran the Windows 10 update on 11/21 and it stopped working.

I had contacted the IT folks on Friday who steadfastly said they have not made any changes to the Citrix server since the firmware upgrade back sometime in September/October. And of course, since this issue is happening on my personal PC, the fingers are naturally point at me.

How can I see what IP address is being sent out?
Sam Jacobs

The Windows 10 update may have made some changes to your networking configuration.

If you browse to https://www.whatsmyip.org/, you will see your public IP.
See if it's the same for your laptop and PC.
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William Peck
Charles Bridges

My IV4p IP address for both are the same -

And now my outlook has stopped working on my desktop. It can't connect to the Comcast server, but again I can on my laptop.
Sam Jacobs

Sounds like the Windows 10 update may have updated firewall settings on your PC that is not allowing you to connect.
You might want to try rolling back the update:
Charles Bridges

I rolled back Windows to 1803 but still had the problem. I ran Windows troubleshooter on Citrix and it recommended changing the compatibility settings so that it ran as Windows 8. Still didn't work.
Last resort I did a clean uninstall of Norton Security Suite and voila! Both Outlook and Citrix are now working.

Would you recommend trying to move Windows from 1803 to current to see what happens?

Also, is there any benefit from setting up my router to pull in IpV6 as opposed to leaving it as IpV4 only?
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Charles Bridges

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