new Poweredge, can't connect hard drive using perc contrller.

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Hi I have this new poweredge server but I wanted to put my own perc controller in it, and ran into a problem.  So the power supply dosen't have regular power to hard drive connectors, it just has the power and ssd cable in one thing.  There is one hd power cable, but I need four for my configuration.

Question, is there a cable i can get that converts this?

Thanks all.  I'll try to post pix.
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you need the proper connector that supports 4 drives from 1 connection SAS 8087 forward cable.
Paired with a 4 port SATA to power splitter cable to provide power to the drives


Cool, thanks David, I had the sas sata splitter, I just needed the power thing, thanks a ton.

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