Importing staff from the Universal security group to notepad or Excel

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I have an ALL Staff Universal security group, which we use for sending email for ALL Staff.

Within this ALL Staff Universal security group, there are other departmental mail groups added as well. I would like to have the list of all users who are member of this ALL Staff Universal security group

Is there a way of exporting all the members to a notepad or excel.

Any help will be great.
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Simple using PowerShell:

Import-Module ActiveDirectory
Get-ADGroupMember -identity  "Group Name"  -recursive | select Name,mail | Export-csv -path members.csv -NoTypeInformation

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If you need to know from which nested group the membership in the Universal group is coming from, try this:
Function Get-ADGroupMemberRecursive {
	Begin {
		$splat = @{}
		If ($Property) {$splat['Property'] = $Property}
	Process {
		Get-ADGroupMember -Identity $Identity | ForEach-Object {
			If ($_.objectClass -eq 'User') {
				Get-ADUser -Identity $_ @splat | Select-Object -Property @{n='Group'; e={$Identity.Name}}, *
			} ElseIf ($_.objectClass -eq 'Group') {
				Get-ADGroupMemberRecursive -Identity $_ @splat

Get-ADGroup -Identity "ALL Staff" |
	Get-ADGroupMemberRecursive -Property Mail |
	Select-Object Group, Name, SamAccountName, Mail, DistinguishedName |
	Export-Csv -Path C:\temp\members.csv -NoTypeInformation

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