Problem installing CentOS 7 on NVMe SSD

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Hi Experts,

I'm having trouble when installing CentOS 7 on PCIe NVMe SSD in DELL Optiplex 3070. Although installing went well, after rebooting, this error occured:
pcie bus error severity=uncorrected fatal

After searching for solutions, i found many links about fixing this error but none of them work.

Beside, i found this information about the error:
Was my NVMe SSD damaged during transfer? Or i just misunderstanding anything.

Thanks for reading this.
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First retry with CentOS 8, to have best device support.

Starting with CentOS 7, you're using Kernel-3.10.x which released 2013-06-30, so to run this super old Kernel, you'll first start with a 6+ year old NVMe disk (made well before 2013-06-30)... which likely doesn't exist.

To use new devices, requires Kernel support for your target device.

CentOS 8 uses Kernel-4.18 which is very recent.

Start with CentOS 8, then report if problem resolves or persists.


Dear Mr.David,

Exactly as you said, CentOS 8 works well on NVMe disk, no error occured.

Many thanks for your solution.
David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

Aha! Awesome!

A good guess which paid off.

Glad you got this working so easily.

You're welcome!

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