Adding a new row to a formatted spreadsheet

Patricia Timm
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I have included the file RC
I need to enter a new row into the spreadsheet in the purch-dpa AREA. the row will be a replica with the same columns only some of the data will change in the description and month. When adding the row should I copy one of the existing rows to keep the formatting and all other data? When I try to copy the row 128 and try to insert paste row it states this wont work because would move cells in a table on your worksheet.... Not sure how to add a row??? I need it in the purch-dpa section. thanks
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Rob HensonFinance Analyst

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I have edited my question and included an attachment. thanks Rob
What you can do is insert the row first and then copy a row into it.
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Did that - will it affect the rest of my worksheet .. shifting other tables on the sheet??? thanks
will it affect the rest of my worksheet
Depends on where the other tables are. If on the same row where inserted then yes otherwise probably no.
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  1. Right click on the row just below where you want the new row
  2. Right-click copy
  3. Paste the copied row to the new, blank, row
  4. Change cells as necessary
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I’m glad I was able to help.

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