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I am looking for some help on an issue we are having, we have a mixed environment with win7 and win10. Users with win7 are seeing there network share drive disappear but the win10 users do not have the same issue. The drives are being pushed to the user via GPO.
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First of you are using a Windows which is near to EOL (End Of Life). 14 January 2020 will be EOL for Windows 7.
It is time to think of an upgrade to Win10.

what do you get when you type "net share" from Windows 7?


@MAS, I know we are in the process of migrating but still have users on Win7.
"seeing there network share drive disappear"
What specifically do you mean by that?  They have the share open and then it closes and can't be found again?  You browse the network and sometimes see the share but not other times?  It works but then doesn't after a reboot?

What happens if you do: Start, Run, \\<server ip address>  ?  Does it show you the shares and can you open them?  Try the same with \\<server name> and report how that works.

If you set up a drive map, does it work?
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When the user logs in they use to the drives from the GPO. now when they log in the drive is not there anymore. I can map the user to the drive and select reconnect, but if the user logs of and back on the drive is gone again. This is only on win7, if I do \\<server>\share from the user computer I can get to the share.
If you are in the process of migrating them to Win 10, I'd just work around the problem.  Create a .CMD file that does the drive mappings and instruct users to double-click on it whenever they log in.  You could also try to put it in startup, though it may have some timing issues

This is not the ideal solution, but it may be less effort to get you through the migration than trying to resolve the issue itself.
I was able to find a work around to the issue, by giving the use a shortcut script to click on when they need to access the drive.

Thanks for the help.

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