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Samsung Note 8 on Verizon wireless and wish to use wifi calling

zelfanet asked
I have a Samsung Note 8 on Verizon wireless and wish to use wifi calling. It works in some places but not in others. At a place I spend a lot of time at, it will work but sporadically. When it doesn't work, I have to turn off my wifi to make a call.

I have noticed at this location that iPhone users have a message in the upper left 'VZW-Wi-fi' when they are using wifi calling, is there anything like this on my phone? Also the iPhone users have told me that sometimes they cannot connect to wifi calling even though they are connected to the wifi. Does Verizon wireless limit the number of users that can connect on wifi calling from a particular location?
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Martin NguyenMember Experience manager
Distinguished Expert 2018

Hi zelfanet,

According to their WiFi calling FAQ, iPhone users see VZW Wi-Fi in their status bar while Android users will only see a Wi-Fi Calling icon when the call is active.

Is there anything in common with the Wi-Fi networks you are having trouble making calls over? Like are they public Wi-Fi networks? The networks have limited bandwidth? etc
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Not two phones are the same in term of WiFi performance as there will be compatability issues with WiFi access points.

If you have no control on WiFi access points, turn off WiFi or turn of WiFi Calling is your only option.