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Problems with network connection priority

i am setting up a new MS Surface Go LTE tablet for the customer with Win10 Pro installed from the factory.  I am connected to Verizon with a SIM card installed, and I also have it connected via network cable to an RFID reader with a local static IP so the tablet and the reader can talk to each other--but this ethernet connection has nothing to do with the internet.

The problem is that I cannot connect to the internet via the Verizon radio unless I disconnect the network cable going to the RFID reader.  So first I checked the metric settings, and set the cellular connection to 1 and the ethernet connection to 2.  After a reboot that did not help.  Next I saw where someone said to go to network connections > advanced > advanced settings where they said I should see something obvious such as "wifi" and "ethernet" etc.--but all I have to choose from are "microsoft windows network", "web client network", and one about remote desktop.  I have "microsoft windows network" at the top now--but still no change even after a reboot.

There are a lot more details I can supply if it will help, but first I'll send this basic info in case the solution is obvious to someone here at e-e.  TIA
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More info...if I leave everything described above as-is, and then if I also connect to their office WiFi, THEN I can go to websites with no problem, and still connect to the RFID reader.  All of this with the Verizon connection still showing "connected".

Of course I can't leave it this way in production...the whole reason I got them an LTE device is because this tablet will be installed in a tractor far from the office WiFi,
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Microsoft thinks it's their problem, but after many hours online together so far they still can't figure it out.