Access Filter one CoboBox based on text in multiple text boxes

Murray Brown
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Hi I posed the following question about filtering an Access ComboBox

I now have a similar scenario where I have three text boxes for Name, Surname and Company Name
I want the user to type anything into one or more of these text boxes and then filter a single ComboBox
called cmbLicensee
How would I do this?
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I guess you could concatenate a series of filters together, something like

Like "*" & [forms]![YourFormName]![Name].[Text] & "*" & [forms]![YourFormName]![Surname].[Text] & "*" & [forms]![YourFormName]![Company Name].[Text] & "*"

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Also note, you should never assign anything the name 'name' as it is a reserved word which can result is bugs and other problems, and you should also avoid the use of special characters including spaces so I would use CompanyName instead of Company Name.
Murray Developer


Thanks very much

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