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Google Forms - Ask for variable number of names

Hi Google Forms Experts,

I’ve just started using Google Forms today, and I’d like to create a registration form which asks for:
a)      the name of the primary registrant,
b)      the number of registrants in a drop-down (let’s limit it to 10 max), and
c)      the names for each additional (i.e. non-primary) registrant.

So far I’ve come up with these (less-than-ideal) methods:

Method 1: Cram all additional names into a Paragraph question.
I store all those additional registrant names in a single question (a Paragraph), and ask the user to type one person’s name per line.
Advantages: It’s simple to create, and means the user can put everything into only 1 section (page).
Disadvantages: This is not as structured as I’d like, makes it hard for me to validate names and impossible for me to make sure the number of names entered tallies with the number specified, and of course it puts all those names into a single cell in the linked spreadsheet.  And if I want to force first name and surname into different fields, this Paragraph method ain’t gonna work.  

Method 2: Conditional logic with different sections.
Section 1 asks for the primary registrant name and number of registrants.  I then add one section for each additional name, and call the sections “2nd registrant name”, “3rd registrant name”, etc.  On the “Number or registrants” question, I select “Go to section based on answer”, and have the:
-      “1” person option go to “Submit form”,
-      “2” person option go to the “10th registrant name” section,
-      “3” person option go to the “9th registrant name” section,
-      etc.
-      “10” person option go to the “2nd registrant name” section.
Advantages: It asks for the right number of registrant names, and lends itself to me asking for each first and surname in separate questions, if I want to.
Disadvantage: If there are 2 registrants, for example, then it’s going to ask for the 10th registrant name, instead of the 2nd registrant name.
I could work around this by not numbering those additional registrants – I could just call them all “next registrant” or similar, but that’s not ideal for helping the user keep track of where they're up to.

Any better ideas?  Maybe there's some Add-on which can help?  (BTW, how do I get Add-ons these days, anyway, because I don't see the "Add ons" item in the menu shown in this part of this video.)

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