Exchange 2013 Logs Filling Drive After Migration

Brandon Miller
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We have a 3 server DAG, I am moving users from an old database to a new database. I moved 50 users over the weekend with the GUI user migration utility. We had a full backup performed Sunday night but I still have 140gb of log files after the user migration completed. I set Veeam to do another full backup Monday night to see if it would truncate the logs and it still did not work. I need to recover this space quickly. Is there anything I can do to get the logs to truncate?
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I've always turned circular logging on and then off again to get out of this situation.
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You can enable circular logging to flush the logs. Please find the below article for more detailed info.
Once you are done you can disable circular logging.

It is recommended to have a dedicated drive for logs. Please check this article on how to move logs to a different drive,.
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Thanks I just realized circular logging was not on for the new database. The old ones had it enabled.
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Before any mailbox move task, below are the steps you need to follow:

1) Take full backup for your source db.
2) Enable circular logging on your destination db and start the move.
3) Once move completed, disable the circular logging and take full backup for your destination server.

In current situation, you can either take full backup or enable circular logging during mailbox move.

Note: DB need to be dismounted and remounted, for enabling circular logging.
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I've considered circular logging to be a cop-out and something that should be avoided at all costs.  If your backups are not clearing the logs, your backups are likely not working properly.  Isn't it important - nay, critical - to ensure the backups are functioning properly?  Fix them and your log problems go away.
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The Veeam job has been setup correctly ?

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