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SUMPRODUCT by Date and Category returns all zeros.

I am trying to sum by subaccount number by month in the attached spreadsheet.  I am getting zeros in all cells.  I think I've done this numerous times in the past with no problems.  I am befuddled by this.
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Rob Henson
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Are your dates text that look like dates? That's a common reason why you might be seeing zero as the result of such a SUMPRODUCT formula.

If so, copy a blank cell, select your "dates" and Paste Special...Add. Then reformat to suit.
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I'm fairly certain that the date format is set correctly.  I went back and tried to add them back. Deleted, set format to date and   added the dates back.  No change in output.
The procedure you described won't change text that looks like dates into real dates (numbers formatted like dates). Changing the format will never change the nature of the underlying data--and its the underlying data that SUMPRODUCT is looking at.

If you can change the appearance of a "date" cell by changing its number format, then it really is a date and not text.

If that isn't your problem, then post the formula you are trying to use--or better yet, post a workbook with a few rows of data so we can reproduce the problem.
Your SUMPRODUCT formula was missing some parentheses.

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Also, I changed your named ranges to start in row 2 because otherwise you would be comparing text to a date in an inequality.

Why is it performing a COUNT function instead of a SUM function?  What I'm looking for is the total by month by subaccount.
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Thanks for your help, Gentlemen!  I think I've just been looking at it too long!