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I opened a question on Exchange 2016 Public folder shared contacts not working in OWA 2016, but working fine with the full Outlook 2016 client.  That question went nowhere.  However, someone suggested I look for "duplicate LegacyExchangeDNs" as a possible cause.

I have ran a report looking at LegacyExchangeDNs.   I need help interpreted the report.   I didn't see duplicates, but I do see very different entries.   Exchange 2016 works flawlessly except for the public folder shared contacts which don't work at all.    The sample ExchangeLegacyDN report is attached.  

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Pete LongTechnical Consultant

I could not get public folders to work with OWA 2016 either, don't feel bad!
Dont think its a legacy DN problem though, see my comments here
Exchange and the LegacyExchangeDN Problem

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Whatever i can find, it is a bug in OWA. I advise you to reach out to MS and check, if they have any patch to fix it.


I am going to patch to a  CU14 and see if that resolves it or not.  Microsoft will want current patch levels anyway if I open a ticket.   Thanks for everyone's suggestions.

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