How does the new MS One drive Backup (recently introduced) differ from the main One Drive folder?

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How does the new MS One drive Backup (recently introduced) differ from the main One Drive folder?

Could I not and would it not be better and clearer to create My Docs & My Pics (dont use desktop for anything important) within the existing One drive folder in the first place?

Is One Drive backup a "back up" or is it a sync like the One Drive folder?
Quick Tests of backups -  I logged on from a few different PCs its confusing for me with the possibility of my docs and my pics merging.

For those who havnt tried it yet, here it is ...
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Alan CoxSr. Architect | Consulting

I would agree that saving to Onedrive is my method for everything (office will default to this soon). the "backup" or 'common folders' is really just doing a redirection like the old my doc redirection. so for larger organizations that want to force this at OneDrive roll out, it makes sense rather than train users on picking a new 'save as' target.
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Yup, it's pretty much folder redirection, well combined with the new files on-demand experience. It's just a one-click setup for less experienced users, you dont have to use it if you dont see the need for it.


Ive a few issues with this "backup" of docs / pics and desktop

1) If you log into another Computer you can potentially end up with a merge of all the data between the two.
A can see user trip them selves up on this.

2) Delete a test file.doc  of no importance from my docs and try get it back.
I was unable to, but was in a rush. It tells me the file was deleted ... but no option to restore that I could see ...

3) They should call it what it is ... its a sync not really a backup. Why confuse everyone.
Sr. Architect | Consulting
#1 depends in part how the 'common folders' where configured but if OD sync was setup for the user on the other workstation, the documents, pictures, desktop would follow.
2. If you delete a file from documents (syncing to OD), the file is recoverable in OneDrive in recycle bin (for 90 days). IF you CHANGE a file, version history is available for 500+ versions :)
3. It's both, sync and backup :)

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