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Murray Brown
Murray Brown used Ask the Experts™

I have long ComboBox lists. Is there a way tohave the ComboBox list start at the top of the form or screen
when the control is part way down the form?

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Hi there! :)

I am not sure what you mean but I guess it's similar to this example file I have attached. Nonetheless, I think the only way to do what you want to do is to use VBA to control the relevant actions which is also how it is done in the example file.

Example File: detachedCombo.mdb
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer
Besides Noah excellent solution there is also the most simplistic way of using .Top  (along with other properties) to move the combobox to where you want it...
Maybe move it when the user clicks on it and return it to old position in the AfterUpdate
The combobox dropdown will autoposition according to where the combobox is on screen. I.e. if the combobox happens to be on the far right of the screen, the list might appear to the left of the combobox.
In other words, the Access team has put a lot of effort into making sure that the list is always visible, and handy to work with, regardless of where on the form/screen your combo is.

You can try to mess around with this, but you might end up un-intentionally creating situations where the list no longer is visible.

My recommendation is to leave this alone, and invest your time in other features.
ste5anSenior Developer
Consider a custom form with a ListBox to select your item and an additional TextBox to filter the items. Navigating in long ComboBox lists should be avoided.
Murray Developer


Thanks for the useful advice. I have decided to keep the ComboBox and also have a button next to it with a custom popup form with a ListBox

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