Cross Forest roaming profile issue

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My network is deployed on a Windows 2012 R2 platform.  There are two servers set up with DFSR.  AD is deployed.  While there are the two servers, there is only one forest

The network has been working well for a few years now.  Tonight I attempted to join a new workstation running Windows 10 PRO version 1909.  It attached to the network without any issues, but when I log a user on , the roaming profile fails with the following error:
 "Roaming user profiles across forests are disabled. Windows did not load your roaming profile and is logging you on with a local profile. Changes to the profile will not be copied to the server when you log off."

Is this a Windows 1909 issue?  I have 10 other workstations that have been on the network for several years, and they have been updated to version 1909, but are working fine.

A bit of research suggests that it may be possible to create a policy or enable cross forest operation, but that may not be desirable.  

Are there other solutions
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gpupdate /force on the domain and restart the clien then chek...

check the event viewer on server and client as well

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Since there are no other forest, the warning you got is irrelevant

I believe you are getting this error on specific workstation only, check if workstation retain proper ip configuration after domain join and reboot
It could be possible that workstation have network issues like multiple network cards / multihomed network issues and hence is unable to communicate with roaming profile share to download roaming profiles


Roaming Profile files to load, so changes made will not remain once logged in.  Since there have not been any changes to any policies on the server, and the user can login to other computers without this message,  I was wondering if there was something specific to the new computer OS that could be causing this


As an update, If I log on as a different user, the system works fine.  this would lead me to believe that it is a flaw with the users Profile.

Any thoughts would be appreciated
I did a clean fresh install of Windows 10 1903, joined the domain, and logged on.  After installing remaining software, I updated to 1909 and all seems to be working well.

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