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Toshiba Satellite Radius L40DW-C - Disk Errors

Hi all,
Friend of a friend dumped a laptop on me for repair. We are IT professionals, thats what we do in the evenings right?.

Anyway, any tips
Model Name                     Satellite Radius L40DW-C
Part Number                    PSLZDA-006002
OS - Win10 Home

Machine is running really slowly.  

I have done a chkdsk c: /r and drive is OK.

Windows is up to date.

I have managed to robocopy all his data off it, however Veeam errors almost immediately when i try to backup the entire disk or volume.

The event log shows 1000's of these
Event ID: 153
The IO operation at logical block address 0x3201cee for Disk 0 (PDO name: \Device\00000025) was retried.
Event ID: 154
The IO operation at logical block address 0x6fc4918 for Disk 0 (PDO name: \Device\00000025) failed due to a hardware error.

The IO operation at logical block address 0x5834400 for Disk 0 (PDO name: \Device\00000025) failed due to a hardware error.

Any tips on how to:
Run full hardware diagnostics on this model?
Same question to test the SSD?

Any other ideas?

Cheers for any tips.
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you can use the management tool for testing the SSD :

for more diags, i use the UBCD

Hardware diagnostic CD    UBCD
go to the download page, scroll down to the mirror section, and  click on a mirror to start the download
Download the UBCD and make the cd   <<==on a WORKING PC, and boot the problem PC from it
Here 2 links, one to the general site, and a direct link to the download

since the downloaded file is an ISO file, eg ubcd527.iso - so you need to use an ISO burning tool
if you don't have that software, install cdburnerXP :

If you want also the Ram tested - run memtest86+ at least 1 full pass,  - you should have NO errors!
direct download :
For disk Diagnostics run the disk diag for your disk brand (eg seagate diag for seagate drive)  from the HDD section -  long or advanced diag !  (runs at least for30 minutes)      

**  you can make a bootable cd - or bootable usb stick
*** note *** for SSD drives  use the tool from the manufacturer, like intel 's toolbox :

for completeness -here's how i handle disk problems :

==>>****in order to be able to  boot from CD or usb - you may have to disable secure boot in the bios
First thing I would do is backup any data off that drive that you or they may want to keep, because it sounds like it's about to die and once it does that data will be a lot harder to get back.

Any chance that laptop is still under warranty?
Looks like it has to be at least 4 years old, and OEM's are notorious for putting cheaper models of SSD drives, especially in that time period when they were pricey. As others have said, get what you can off, even if it is just user data, and replace the drive...

I'm sure you can get a restore dvd from Toshiba, and reinstall all added programs. A clean and fresh install will give the best performance,
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Thanks a bunch to everyone who has contributed.

Couple of snippets of feedback
Yes its about 4 years old, and is out of warranty.

Weirdly, I downloaded the SSD-Utility as per below but this couldnt find the SSD device.

Windows is now bluescreening regularly too, so I am happy I was able to robocopy all his data to USB thumbdrive.

It will be going to Toshiba service centre for new drive.
Cheers everyone who contributed to my question.
Best String
Thanks everyone.
An aftermarket drive might be cheaper than Toshiba service center, unless their price includes reloading the OS.
Then it might be worth it.
it can also be a disk controller (= mobo) problem
did you connect the disk to another PC ?  and was it seen there?
that should be my first step