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I have Exchange server with 200 emails accounts  if I remove all the emails of 100 emails accounts that can reduce the size of the EDB  database (those 100 emails are not in use but we need them there)
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You can delete the emails but it will not reduce as per your calculation.
I prefer you create a new database and move all mailboxes to the new database after deleting the emails.
Please check this article to move mailboxes from one database to another.

If you want you can use this article to count your mailboxes in database
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As advise above, better move to new db and remove old db. In case, you don't have that option, then can do offline defrag, however you need downtime for offline defrag and 110% disk space extra to perform offline defrag. Make sure not to do on usb drive.
Edward van BiljonMessaging and Collaboration Technical Lead (Exchange MVP & MCT)

You have whitespace and defrags tend to take time. Easiest is to do mailbox moves.

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