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Windows easy Transfer

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Windows 7 had the easy transfer utility.

was wondering if there is an equivalent for Windows 10 or if anyone has been able to copy and use Windows 7 easy transfer on Windows 10???

need to be able copy multiple user profiles to various Windows 10 computers.
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No. Windows easy transfer died with win8.

Third party tools exist. I think Microsoft even made a free express version of Laplink available for home use. For business though, you are better off automating using tools like MDT and USMT.
Adam LeinssSystems Administrator

Before someone recommends Transwiz: https://www.forensit.com/move-computer.html

We used this for an XP to 7 migration and it only worked for the simplest of user profiles.  When it didn't work, it was bad, because you are chasing corrupt profile issues which are very nasty to track down and once you do, it's pretty much wipe the profile and start over, wasting a lot of time.

Something like this is worth considering: http://usmtgui.ehler.dk/UserProfileCentral.htm

Or Fab's Autobackup: https://www.fpnet.fr/?page=abpropresentation&lang=en.  I've heard good things about Fab.

I have used fabs for years.  It only copies data and some settings.  You still need to install apps separately.   Check the fabs site for what settings and app data (like quickbooks ) that the current version will handle.


was able to use user state migration tool
user state migration tool
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That was literally my first comment. And you only accepted your own?  Not cool.