Is One Drive excellent and practically bullet proof at this stage?  Any pit falls to be aware of?

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Getting used to One Drive and just wondering ...

Is One Drive excellent and practically bullet proof at this stage?  Any pit falls? No file corruptions caused by it etc ?  

Aside form deleting a file and expecting it to be just deleted from Cloud and it syncs the delete (N00b mistake)
are there any failings of the application?

Im considering putting all my docs and my pics in there ... Should I?  

Id much prefer to stick with Microsoft One Drive that try other cloud services if possible
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I use Google Drive personal, Google Drive for Gsuite, Dropbox and One drive personal and One Drive for business.

For the most part, they all work similarly.

Most of my work is developing/coding but I also help small businesses with their office tech.  As far as just working with files, you can't go wrong with either.  The only place I have found an issue with OneDrive or Google Drive is using my IDE with files on the drive. I can use my IDE with files on Dropbox without issue. And this works well because the IDE auto saves and every time it does, it creates a new version on If I make an oops, I can go to and recover from multiple points in time without ever having to commit code. When I use the IDE with OneDrive, some functions do not work well.  

If you are not coding and using multiple libraries and containers, you are good. Editing documents such as word/excel of course are no issue. All of office365 is HIPAA compliant too. There are more downsides to Google Drive if you are using MS documents.

Go for it.

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