HP 8210 printer color prints have red color cast

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HP 8210 printer color prints have red color cast

My HP 8210 printer color prints have red color cast, any size, any image.

I exchanged all ink (with new) cartridges 1 by 1, reprinted to same (4X6 on 8X10 regular paper) - same issue.

Printed Swift Publisher 5 document - text/color background - 10 text blocks each with different color background - Results reasonably OK. Some slight color shift no other printing artifacts.    OS X Mojave.          

Seems the issue is only with photographs - any ideas why?
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

Excess red can means cyan channel failure (magenta+yellow = red), but if you are getting normal blues and greens on test prints then that is not the issue.

Try printing the same image out of several different programs.

If the hue problem persists, then system-wide color correction may be necessary; but I would buy a different printer instead as color correction is a hassle and requires add-on third-party software.

If the hue problem appears only in prints from certain software e.g. Corel PhotoPaint, then run that program's color correction procedure to clear up the issue.
Incorrect colour may be caused by the application, the driver, or the printer. Is it only images that have the red cast, or is the red over everything?

Start by printing a diagnostic page, as per page 63 of the User's Guide. That will tell us whether all the jets are working correctly. If they are not, follow the instructions in the same manual.

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