Want to setup MD3200 SAS with latest ESXi version that works.

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Does ESXi 6.7 work with a MD3200 SAS?  I know VMware list up to ESXi 6.5, but was wondering if anyone has tried 6.7 with an MD3200 SAS or know of any reason it would not work?

Thoughts and recommendations?
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AlexA lack of information provides a lack of a decent solution.


It'll support up to 6.5 ONLY, it won't be supported by VMware, likelihood is they have stripped out the driver support for that particular bit of hardware.

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Can't think of a reason it would not work, only driver is for the HBA in the server, not for the MD3200.

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dell-PowerVault-MD3200i-iSCSI-SAN-Storage-12-x-600GB-10K-SAS-7-2TB-SERVER-19-/273863435498 says the tested a MD3200i with ESXi 6.7 and the only difference between the SAS and iSCSI versions is the host interface, the rest of the SCSI protocol is the same whatever the interface.
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It just means it's not been verified and tested, but not that it does not work, it works fine....(VMware/DELL just want you to purchase new!)

you'll just need to work out if you want to run in production without any VMware Support!

and access that risk!

Do you have VMware Support contract, licensed for VMware ?

Servers on the HCL, or have valid business day support ?
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I have a VMware support contract, licensing and HCL servers.  The plan is to run in production as an initial setup for a few servers,(small scale), but plan to order 2 new san disk arrays in 2020 to use for these servers and more.  Long term plan for the MD3200 is low priority/non-critical items, so support won't absolutely be required at that point.

Andrew's comments most apply to my scenario but all were helpful.  Thank you for the information
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You'll probably get ME arrays foe the new ones if you liked the old MD ones. Out of different stables as the MD was from LSI and the ME are in house DELL/EMC but aimed for the same market (as Andrew implied that's why they won't recertify the MDs).

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