Indexing is slow or not working at all.

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I have a pc that originally wasn't showing complete search results in a OneDrive folder.
After rebuilding the index two times it was showing complete (as far as I could tell) results for the OneDrive folder. However no results when searching contacts or emails in Outlook would show up.
I could tell when viewing Indexing Options that the rebuild was still going so I tried to find ways to speed it up.
The things I have tried are:
Enabling "Disable indexer backoff" in local policy.
Changing the registry value for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Search\Gathering Manager\DisableBackOff to 1.
After each try I restarted the Windows Search service.

Now the number of indexed files are not going up at all instead of very slowly.

Windows 10 all updates except 1909
Office 365
Outlook and archive file sizes are all below 5GB but I can't look up exact number right now.

I would appreciate any suggestions on other possible solutions.
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NoahHardware Tester and Debugger

Hi there! :)

Firstly you will need to enable the startup type. I assume you know how to do this since you did it in the registry. If not, please refer to the following article. Please also refer to the following article for detailed step by step instructions on how to speed up the process. The main point is to speed Up indexing by only including certain locations.



Hello Noah, thank you for your tips.
I've already set the indexing to only do the Outlook and OneDrive folders, which the user absolutely requires.

For the startup type, I assume you mean how the Windows Search service starts up? It is currently on a delayed start and I can't do any change there until monday.

I will come back with an update next week.
NoahHardware Tester and Debugger

Hi :) Yes that's what I meant, you need to change it to enabled and start the process. You can disable and stop it first before enabling it again. Not to worry, I will wait for your response next week.


Here's an update.
The client whose computer it is was happy with how he can search Outlook and OneDrive,  so we didn't feel I needed to do anything more with it.
A little anticlimactic but everyone is happy now.

And Noah, even if I didn't get to implement your suggestions you were very helpful, so thank you.
The indexing is still slow but over a weekend it gathered enough indexes to be complete enough for the users satisfaction.

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