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Merge Microsoft Visio with data in order to fill out the graphs and charts worked with

jana asked
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Last Modified: 2019-12-03

My assistant works with all project in various Excel and other 3rd party apps.  She uses Microsoft Visio to create a Organization chart of each project to present it visually for us.  The tedious part creating and maintaining the Visio Organization chart according to the changed data in the project excel and other apps (a lot data entry).

Is there a way the Visio can read excel or a text file with this data and create the Organization chart?  That is, her modifying her Visio Organization chart accordingly so when the data is passed, it gets filled.  As an example, Word: I can merge a document with data and create a bunch of documented - so, can we merge Visio with data?

How can that be done?
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The answer is yes. One easy way to start is to use the Visio Org Chart wizard, which is designed to do exactly what you're asking about: create an org chart from data. A couple of resources:

I just delivered a webcast titled Four Ways to Let Visio Do the Work For You and the first example is the org chart wizard. Click the link in the preceding sentence to register and then you can watch the webcast on demand.

Second, scroll down for the topic "Automatically create an organization chart by using an existing data source" on this page. Note that if the org chart wizard doesn't appear, you can launch it from the Org Chart tab by clicking the Import button.


Thank u very much!

Let me ask u a last question, now that I know that it’s possible, after creating a chart from a database and formatting it with colors etc. to my liking, can I use save it as a “template” then use it to run a another company?

Yo explain, there 7 companies with same structure, the only thing that changes are the names.  So if I do the first company and prepare it with all my formats, can I save that Visio as a template then run it for another company?
(what i mean is that if the above is not possible I have to for every company always use a wizard, do all the formatting work for the 7 companies)

(Hope I explained it correctly)
Scott HelmersVisio Consultant, Trainer, Author, and Developer
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You can create a template for any Visio diagram type. One common reason is exactly what you're asking about: to preserve the themes (colors, fonts, styles) that  you've chosen. Creating a template in Visio is the same as in the other Office apps: Save As and then choose "Template" from the Save as Type dropdown in the lower part of the Save as dialog box.