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elijah eccher
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I started with this:

but when i completed this i had no internet connection.

ive done the basics, eg disable/enable and reboot. help!
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If you're going to set a static IP, you will need to copy the original DHCP settings and match the subnet.  You can't just create a different subnet and expect it to work.  Only the IP address and the DNS can be changed, but the rest must match what you had.  If you have an internal DNS that resolves internal names you still must keep the DNS.  The IP address must still be an IP within the correct subnet.
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thanks, when i assigned an ip it was in the same subnet as the router and all other

default gateway :
osx (on dhcp before static) :
osx ( static I set) :

nmap returned also: ,
so i know the ip i set is not taken

also noticed nmap on the osx only returns default gateway and its own address, not the ...56 or the ...103 which nmap returns when its run from my linux box on the same net

furthermore subnet mask is so as far as i can tell this should be working
Try the DHCP IP that you were initially given.

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