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Need Speech to Text service

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Need Speech to Text service

I have an iPhone 6, a MacBook and a Windows PC. I need to find a service which lets me speak into some device and get the text version emailed to me. I do not have time for a service, which can cost $1/minute and take 12-24 hours. I need it immediately, which means the text creation needs to be near real time.

I will pay for this service, if needed. I think $1/minute is the highest I could pay.

by "some device" I meant:
1) My iPhone 6
2) A microphone hooked into a Mac
2) A microphone hooked into Windows

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Use Dragon for you Mac or PC computers.

For an iPhone... wow... you'll have to do some additional searching for this. Likely any App you find will work far worse than Desktop versions, as this type of software requires fairly intensive CPU resources.
Michael PainterIT administrator Small Business Owner
This review has several ideas that may be of benefit to you.
I use an Android phone, and with the built in speech to text, and a free app called Keep, I can dictate into text and then email or put in my Google drive, or Onedrive etc.  and then copy/paste into another app.
There are plenty of free options to accomplish this.  Maybe not free on Apple platform.
Let me know what think...
curiouswebsterSoftware Engineer


I have heard Dragon is nowhere as good as AWS Transcribe API. But, once you drop the $150 or Dragon, you're stuck. I have also read that Google Cloud Speech API is very good.

I need the best dictation possible since this is for a guy who has no use of one of his right hand. So, I am searching for options before I ever think about creating a speech to text front-end website.

What service does your Android use? Is the translation as good as Google Cloud Speech API? This service costs about $1.5/hour of spoken audio. And idea how often there is a mistake?

I have an Android Note4, so maybe I could try that out...It uses a very old OS...

Do you need Keep for the translation? How do I access from an Android?
curiouswebsterSoftware Engineer


David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

For completeness...

https://github.com/benoitfragit/google2ubuntu - Command line hook for Google speech to text API V2.

https://www.ubuntupit.com/best-open-source-speech-recognition-tools-for-linux/ - With special mention of Julius, which is a bit complex to get working. Julius is suitable when 1000s+ files require continuous conversion frequently, say for hourly recordings of ambient sound or for podcasts or video channels producing massive content.