Trying for the best WiFi. Think I have top of the line equipment.

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Twitter post- @NETGEARhelp #wifi ,@NETGEAR Best setup? NightHawk AX-8. Not gamer, streamer, have 1st gen Orbi as well, want fastest, most reliable WiFi. I have 1gbs service connection. My house is 4K sqft.  Do I buy Orbi 6 as an add on and hope for best? Does it matter. 56 IOT’s and counting. I’m tired of “not enough bandwidth”. service throughput is not an issue.  Help.
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In general, I have been a big fan of Ubiquiti's equipment.  Access points run $100-200, can act as repeaters if needed (though better to cable to each) work very well at handing off from one device to another, and comprehensive set of features.

If you have gigabit service and really want the fastest and most reliable service, consider using wired connections.
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I have determined that the Orbi 1st gen will not work with the NightHawk AX-8.  It seems if I want to extend, I will have to Orbi 6.
Do you want "want fastest, most reliable WiFi" or do you want to use the Orbi?  I'm not at all sure that they are inclusive.  A mesh system is more for ease of installation rather than fastest or most reliable.

To accomplish "fastest, most reliable" I'd highly recommend cabling to a number of locations each of which has a Wireless Access Point that handles hand-off between other WAPs well.  The Ubiquiti devices do that very well, but they're certainly not the only ones.

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