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Has anyone migrated from 1and1 email (business email, webmail, and exchange configurator)? If so were there any special issues.
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How many users, do you need all current data in the 1and1 copied to o365.

The simple straight forward answer the issues are the same. When one transitions from one email provider to another that deals with:
1) the change is not instantaneous
2) a decision on how to get the current data if left on server to the new server
3) how are the email clients configured and how many users are involved?
4) o365 has support/migration that might be engaged to assist with the transition
5) for safety, continuity, each user may have to have both accounts configured in the email client to cover the overlap period
6) after the initial signup, to complete the o365 setup, you would need to setup DNS records, NOTE: Do not delegate the DNS management of your domain, you have to manage it to maintain when what changes are made based on your schedule.  make sure when you are adding the MX records for the domain pointing to O365 server, make sure to pick as large a number than the one used currently for the 1and1. This will maintain your email flow while allowing you to setup and test the o365 setup, email routing within o365 if you need distribution groups, shared mailboxes, etc.

There are powershell tool for remote administration of o365 if you are so inclined.


Did you every migrate from 1and1 email... Specifically.
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No, I migrated from goddaddy. From an internal exchange, from a few different providers to other providers.

Migrating mail service from one vendor to another it is similar to moving from be house to another.

Let's try it this way since you are the one who would like as seemles a transition as possible with as minimal user international and with ....

Never ever ever ever provide your domain registration/DNS management to a new provider's tech support as they will setup your domain based on their schedule and not based on yours unless you make it clear to them that the transition is sometime in the future and while making sure that the current functionality must remain as is until .......

Transitions in email hosting do not rely on the old host, it relies on getting the new Host setup and running as you need it.
On the o365 are you setting up your own adfs tie in such that o365 relies on your ad for user authentication?

There are many things to consider and many questions need answering as the available options becone a possibility.

You can always ask 1and1 to provide you the backups of the mailboxes and Sata they have after the transition is complete and they remove your domain from their mailserver handling process.

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