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VB6 key press at program start

Using VB6, I'm trying to detect if a couple of keys are pressed at the time the icon to start the program is clicked.  I need to detect if a particular key combination is pressed before any forms are displayed, so I can't use something like form.keypress (no form loaded yet).
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John Tsioumpris
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This is somewhat a strange question....i guess that the application starts...performs some "work" and then it shows...
May something like this : could help but i am not sure
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Hi John,
Thanks for the quick reply.  I have seen programs which if started (clicking the icon) with a particular key held down (when the icon is clicked) sets a debug mode or changes the logging mode of the program.  In my case, what I want to do is to change the behavior of a routine which connects to a SQL server.  If the server is off (and proper key not pressed) a message is shown that the server is off and the program terminates.  If a key is pressed, and the server is off, the user is prompted to change to a different server.  I'm trying to make it as difficult as possible for a user to change to a different server.
Interesting about loading a small hidden form that watches for the key and then proceed...
I found a post about running a process in memory but its a bit of a hack :
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